landscaping techniques to solve property problems

landscaping techniques to solve property problems

Landscaping Ideas For Ranch-Style Homes

Mitchell Ray

The ranch-style house is unique, in that it has a single-floor, slightly unbalanced design, which is the opposite of most two-story houses that have a more even appearance. Given the differences, you don't want to apply the same landscape design options to this style of home that you would a two-story home.

Remember Simplicity is Key

It should be all about simplicity when it comes to the landscape design of a ranch-style house. A single-floor home can also share design elements from other styles, such as Mediterranean and modern touches. However, for the most part, this style of home is all about subtlety and your landscaping should match this concept. 

Avoiding overly large bushes or trees in the front yard is generally a good idea. These large structures can overtake the house and make it appear smaller than it is. Additionally, given the placement of the windows, these structures can also block the view. Large blocks of flowers or bushes that extend from one end of the house to the next should also generally be avoided, as they can also cause the house to appear smaller. 

Incorporate Dimension

A ranch-style home with a flat roof can start to look like a rectangle, but even a house with a sloped roof can still look somewhat boxy. A great way to break up the monotony is to add dimension to your design by adding plants that are of varying heights.

For instance, you could plant a row of short bushes nearest your home, followed by a row of taller plants, like veronica blooms, and then lastly a row of small flowers in the front. The dimension created by this design style adds a sense of variety and texture, which helps the house look less boring. 

Plan for Privacy

If your home is surrounded by two-story houses, you probably want to incorporate a privacy element in your landscaping design, especially when it comes to your backyard and side facing windows. In terms of the backyard, you might want to install some taller hedges just against your fence line, especially your fence is short. 

Hedges of a sizeable height will limit the view your neighbors have of your yard. On the sides of your house, plant small trees that are not overly full, such as the Chinese magnolia. This style of tree helps distort the public's view inside your home but doesn't block your view out of your windows. 

These are just some of the design elements you should keep in mind when planning landscaping for your ranch style home. For further tips and design ideas, enlist the help of local landscape design services to assist you with the project. 


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landscaping techniques to solve property problems

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