landscaping techniques to solve property problems

landscaping techniques to solve property problems

When Should You Sod Instead of Seeding?

Mitchell Ray

A lush, green lawn can make any property look better cared for and more welcoming. But getting gorgeous grass isn't always easy, especially in dry climates or with poor-quality soil.

Generally, property owners have two options for creating their ideal green landscape: sod or grass seeds. While each grass-growing method has its uses, laying sod often proves more versatile than growing grass from a seed. Sod may be the right choice for your property under the following circumstances.

Your Property Gets a Lot of Sun

Sod is generally grown in a sunny environment. Once sod is laid, it tends to do better in direct sunlight than under trees. Excessive shade can cause sod shrinkage. While grass that you seed yourself has the advantage of growing in the environment in which it will live, young grass often scorches under too much sun.

If you live in a hot, dry climate and don't have many shade trees on your property, sod is more likely to provide you with even ground coverage and that lush look.

Your Space Has Difficult Topography

Does your yard have hills, dips, and other uneven topography? While all kinds of grasses can hide these imperfections, not all grass varieties thrive on unleveled ground. On sloped areas, seeds often become uprooted due to erosion or high levels of precipitation. 

Because sod's roots take hold faster and because sod consists of mostly mature grasses, sod establishes a stronger hold on hilly areas. 

You're Under Time Constraints 

Perhaps the largest advantage of sod over seed is time. Sod can be laid in an average residential yard over the course of a few hours. Once the sod has been laid, it can be walked on almost immediately. Seed, on the other hand, cannot be walked on until fully mature and can take months to grow to the desired density. 

Sod can also be planted during a longer season than seed. With grass seeds, the time you choose to plant is critical to the lawn's growth. Sod thrives most when planted during the fall or spring but can be laid at any time of year as long as there's water available and no snow on the ground. When you need a quick solution to your brown landscape, sod may be a smarter choice.

Ready to complete your home or business landscape with a healthy lawn? Discuss your options with a landscaping company such as Metro Sod & Seeding Inc to determine whether sod is the right choice for your property.


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landscaping techniques to solve property problems

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