landscaping techniques to solve property problems

landscaping techniques to solve property problems

A Blank Canvas — 4 Steps To Designing Your Front Yard From The Ground Up

Mitchell Ray

If you've bought a new construction home, you probably also bought a dirt front yard that you will be able to landscape from scratch. This is both a great opportunity and a real challenge for many new homeowners. If you're in this situation, here are 4 steps to getting a great, brand-new front yard.

Think About Needs. The first step to designing the right yard is to consider what you want and need out of it. For example, try to answer questions like these:

  • If you have kids, will they be using the yard for play?
  • Does the yard need to be accessible for older or disabled family members?
  • How will it be accessed from different angles? 
  • Will pets be using the yard, and how can you make it pet-friendly?
  • How much maintenance are you willing to do?

Answering these and other questions will help you formulate a plan and be able to communicate about your goals when working with a landscaping contractor. 

Decide on a Shape. Believe it or not, lawns have different styles and themes. The shape of the lawn is one of the biggest factors in giving it a personality and sense of style. Clean lines and geometric shapes, for example, often evoke a modern and traditional style. Curves and kidney shapes are more casual and fun-loving. A large expanse of uninterrupted green may make the yard feel larger and more formal, whereas adding a focal point can be an opportunity to be creative and artistic.

Add Hardscaping. Once your general style and shape is determined, it's time to add your hardscape elements. This includes walkways, sidewalks, a front porch, dividing walls, benches or chairs, rocks, gravel, and more. Hardscaping is like the skeleton of the yard, so add these aspects early in the process. If you have pets, be sure to add sufficient hardscaping that they have places to play and avoid damaging your lawn or flower beds.

Border It. Now that the lawn and hardscaping have been planned, you can finish the yard's style by creating a border. If low maintenance landscaping is important to you, design a border that includes rocks or faux boulders, mulch, gravel, or low garden walls. If you want colorful garden beds, be sure that they are well-watered by built-in irrigation and that you can reach all beds easily for weeding and maintenance. 

By following these few steps when planning your new front yard, you can create a space that's right for your family and beautiful at the same time. For more information, contact local professionals like Sergio's Lawn Service.


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landscaping techniques to solve property problems

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