landscaping techniques to solve property problems

landscaping techniques to solve property problems

Landscaping Ideas For A Backyard Playground

Mitchell Ray

What could be more exciting for your kids than having their own playground in your backyard? Instead of just adding a swing set or slide, use these ideas to create a beautiful space for your kids to enjoy all their outdoor adventures. With the help of a landscape designer as well as some fun additions to your yard, your kids can have a wonderful space to play.

Cushion The Playground With Floor Mats Grass and dirt can only cushion a fall from a jungle gym or swing so much, but you can add rubber flooring to the area underneath the playground to provide added cushion for your little ones. The mats come in interlocking tiles, making it easy to lay out a floor for your backyard. Choose from a number of bright colors to add a fun look to your space, or choose a neutral tone to coordinate with the rest of your outdoor decor.

Build An In-Ground Trampolines Let your playground equipment blend with your landscaping by installing an in-ground trampoline. Your landscaping company can help you to install the trampoline by digging a hole to meet the dimensions for the model you select, and your landscapers can also line the area around the trampoline with more playground floor mats to create an added layer of safety around the area your little ones will be jumping. Be sure it is situated away from trees or bushes, and keep the area free from furnishings and other items.

Landscape The Playhouse If adding a playhouse is part of your playground plan, consider having the area around it landscaped to create a mini front yard for your children. Your landscaping company can add small flower bushes on either side of the door, and you can even have a small paver walkway added for a fun finishing touch.

Add A Backyard Splash Pad Instead of investing in a swimming pool, consider having a splash pad installed in your backyard. This project can be handled by your landscaping company, since it is similar in setup to a sprinkler system. Work with the landscapers to add some exciting additions to the pad, such as a mini waterfall or toy fire hydrant. Talk to your landscaper about what you want to add for your children's backyard play area, and work together to create a fun space that is as beautiful as it is exciting for your little ones.

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landscaping techniques to solve property problems

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