landscaping techniques to solve property problems

landscaping techniques to solve property problems

Add Square-Shaped Decorative Borders Around Trees On Your Property

Mitchell Ray

Enhance the trees on your property by adding a square-shaped decorative border around each one with mulch and landscape rocks by completing the following steps. The borders will prevent weed growth and will help the soil retain water so that the trees continue to thrive.


  • rake
  • garden tiller
  • large shovel
  • measuring tape
  • ground marking spray paint
  • landscape rocks
  • garden hose
  • bags of mulch

Clear And Mark The Ground Around Each Tree

Rake up twigs, leaves, stones, or any other loose debris that is underneath each tree. Loosen and remove weeds or grass blades from the ground by pushing a garden tiller across them in straight lines. Use a large shovel to collect the items that were removed and transport them to another part of the property.  Decide how long you would like the sides of each border to be. Use a measuring tape to assist with marking straight lines on the ground with paint. 

Install Landscape Rocks Over The Markings 

Purchase a variety of landscape rocks that will match well with other decor on your property and the color of your home's exterior. If you are purchasing rocks from a landscaping company that offers a delivery service, provide the measurements of each outline that you have marked on the ground so that you purchase enough rocks to cover each one.

Once the rocks have been delivered, sort through them to decide how you would like to line them up. Lay the rocks side by side over each marked line on the ground. Press each rock down firmly into the ground until it is stable. 

Add Mulch To The Center Of Each Rock Border

Use a garden hose to add water to the portion of the ground that surrounds each tree. Purchase several bags of a variety of mulch that will complement the rock borders. Use a large shovel to transport mulch to the center of each border. Once each border is sufficiently filled with mulch, use a rake to spread out the mulch so that is an even thickness.

The mulch will remain contained inside of the borders and will prevent weed or grass growth around the base of each tree. The mulch will also reduce the amount of times that you will need to water the base of each tree, since the soil will retain water for several days because of the mulch that covers the ground. After windy conditions, spread the mulch out with a rake if needed in order to maintain the appearance of each border.

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landscaping techniques to solve property problems

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