landscaping techniques to solve property problems

landscaping techniques to solve property problems

Removing And Replanting A Tree So It Has Room To Grow

Mitchell Ray

If you have a tree in your yard that is inching its way toward power lines and other tree branches, you may have considered having it transplanted to another area of your yard so you can still enjoy its beauty. Many people will call a tree removal service or landscaping company to tend to this task. Removing and replanting a large tree is best left to a professional so there is no risk of injury to people or damage to structures. If your tree is still in a sapling stage however, you may be able to do the job on your own using the following tips.

Wait Until Winter To Carry Out The Task

Trees will become dormant during cooler weather. At this time, they are at less risk of going into shock when being moved to a new location. If you try to move a deciduous tree during a time when it is sprouting, it could very well die from the change in habitat. Wait until after the first frost of the season to move the tree to help save it from unnecessary shock.

Scout Out The Best Location For The Tree's New Home

Make sure the spot you select for your tree's new resting place is free of overhanging items so the tree has plenty of room to flourish as it grows taller and wider. It is best to select an area with a similar soil composition so the roots can grasp into the ground easily. Avoid choosing an area close to your septic or water tanks, heating oil or propane tanks, or spots with underground wiring.

Prepare The New Home By Digging A Large Hole

Wait until a day where the weather is a bit above freezing to dig a hole where you intend on placing the tree. Make sure it is several inches wider than the circumference of the tree so it can be set inside without the need to readjust it several times to get the root area to fit. Fill the hole with water the day before you intend on moving the tree. This will help saturate the ground so it is soft enough for the roots to slide into place. If the temperature is expected to dip below freezing, cover the hole with a tarp to help keep the water from turning into a chunk of ice.

Set The Tree In The New Location

Dig the tree out of its current location using a shovel. If there are several roots holding it into place, use an ax to cut them, freeing the bulk of the tree from the soil. Have a few people help you move the tree to the newly dug hole and rest the roots inside. Replace the soil around the tree's perimeter and place some mulch around the base of the tree to help with water retention.

For assistance removing and replanting your tree, contact a tree removal service.


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