landscaping techniques to solve property problems

landscaping techniques to solve property problems

Want To Produce More Food On Your Own? Start Growing Food-Bearing Trees

Mitchell Ray

Homeowners use their backyard for all sorts of reasons. Some people use it for their dogs, entertaining, playing sports, or creating a beautiful garden. If you are interested in producing food at home, you can enjoy some benefits such as saving money and reducing your carbon footprint on the world. Growing herbs and vegetables are easy things to start with, but it is also worth looking into food-bearing trees. It is an excellent choice to grow these trees as they will give you yearly harvests in the future.

Mulberry Trees

If you get a large amount of sunlight on your property, you should consider growing mulberry trees. White mulberry trees have a wide range of hardiness zones, and they do well in zones 4 to 8. These trees are not tough to grow because they can handle minor flooding, most soil types, and even high salt levels. If you live in a slighter warmer climate, you can pick the black mulberry instead, which is also an easy grower.

Fig Trees

An excellent choice for someone who does not like a lot of maintenance is the fig tree. Not only is it easy to get going, but most of the work that you need to do revolves around planting it correctly. With a professional's help, you can let them choose an area with room for growth and plenty of sun. This only leaves you with annual fertilizing, pruning, and harvesting, one of which is the reward. It is easy to incorporate figs into all sorts of recipes such as salads, bread, or sautéed to create a dessert dish.

Pecan Trees

When it comes to expensive things in grocery stores, nuts are one of them. So, if you love pecans, you should consider growing them in your backyard. These trees do best in zones 6 through 9, and they will do even better when you live somewhere the temperature does not change drastically as night comes. When you do not start from scratch, you can expect to start harvesting in just three years' time. With a potential yearly harvest of several hundred pounds, you will have more than enough pecans to enjoy.

Growing fruit trees requires more of a long-term commitment than vegetables and herbs that grow in just a few months. By getting help in the beginning, you will have a better time maintaining the trees, and eventually enjoying large harvests that you can incorporate into your cooking throughout the years. Contact a business, such as Corner Landscaping & Tree Service, for more information.   


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landscaping techniques to solve property problems

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