landscaping techniques to solve property problems

landscaping techniques to solve property problems

Three Major Benefits Of Organic Sod Over Non-Organic Sod

Mitchell Ray

There are dozens, possibly hundreds of sod farms all across the U.S. Many of these operate with the intent of growing quality sod that can provide a beautiful and instant lawn for customers. However, there is a difference between organic sod farmers and non-organic sod farmers. You might think these labels odd, given that grass and dirt are all organic, but it is the methods of growing the sod that earns it the organic label. Here are three major benefits organic sod has over non-organic sod.

Organic Sod Is Grown Without Pesticides

Organic sod is grown without pesticides. You will not be adding any harsh chemicals to your yard that you do not want there when you purchase organic sod. In most cases, organic sod is grown with grass seed that is already naturally pest-resistant, which means you will not have to spray your yard for pests either after the sod is installed.

Organic Sod Comes with Its Own Healthy Bugs

Healthy bugs, the kind that help the earth and the sod produce strong plants and aerate the soil, may accompany your sod purchase. However, most property owners are not opposed to having a few extra earthworms come along for the ride in their organic sod when they know that these creatures will help keep their sod in good health naturally. The sod is often inspected for healthy bugs and pests alike, and in the event that the sod farm discovers it has any pests, it usually will not sell the sod to you. (That, however,  is very rare, given the nature of the types of grass used to grow organic sod.) The healthy bugs mean that you will not have to aerate your lawn or feed it excessively either.

Organic Sod Is Completely Safe for Livestock Consumption

In the event that you are resodding a paddock or pasture, organic sod is completely safe for livestock consumption. Your animals can freely eat the grass after the sod takes firm root, and because there are no harmful herbicides, pesticides or growth chemicals added to it, these toxins will not end up inside your horses, cows, sheep, goats or other ruminating livestock. That means that your animals will not and cannot get sick from the organic sod, nor will the sod be the source of toxins in the animals' meat or milk. Additionally, this safe-to-consume organic sod means that humans cannot become ill from consumption of animals or animal products that were fed on the organic sod.

For more information, talk with a sod farm in your area, such as SHELBY SOD.


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