landscaping techniques to solve property problems

landscaping techniques to solve property problems

Good Reasons Not To Hire The Kid Next Door For Your Lawn Care

Mitchell Ray

Finding someone to cut your grass, rake the leaves and do other lawn care chores may be your only option if you work a lot of hours or have a disability that keeps you from taking care of your lawn yourself. Many homeowners facing this dilemma simply hire the kids next door or down the block for handling their law tasks. Before you pay a kid to work on your lawn, learning more about the reasons you may want to re-consider and hire a professional landscaping service instead is important.

Lawnmower Injuries Are More Common Than You May Think

Lawnmower accidents are common injuries seen in emergencies rooms across the nation every summer. If a kid gets hurt while cutting your grass, that kid's parents could sue your homeowner's insurance, causing your premiums to go up. The best reason to hire a professional landscape company is that most have liability insurance coverage to cover any accidents they suffer while working on your lawn, eliminating the risk of you being sued for injuries. For this reason, making sure you ask for proof of insurance coverage before you hire anyone to work on your lawn is a good idea.

Snakes And Other Creepy Crawlies In Your Yard

Another good reason to avoid hiring the kid next door for your lawn care needs is due to the risk of snake bites and deadly insect stings. For example, if you hire a kid that is allergic to fire ants and he or she gets into a hill of them in your yard, you could end up dealing with a deadly accident. The same would be true if a kid was bitten by a snake while raking leaves out from underneath your shrubbery. Professionals have the experience to avoid such accidents as well as the insurance to protect you from liability. 

Getting The Job Done Right The First Time Around

When you need more than just an hour or so of grass cutting done, you should make sure to hire a professional. When you want landscaping tasks done like flowerbeds prepared and trees properly pruned, knowing the person taking care of these tasks has experience is a good feeling. For example, if you wanted a bed of a certain type of flower that required a special fertilizer, a landscape professional would know more about the correct kinds of fertilizer to use.

While you may want to help a kid out by hiring him or her to do your lawn, you might think about other chores around your home a kid could do that are less dangerous and require less experience. Leaving the lawn and landscape chores you need done to professionals is best.

For more tips and information, talk with a professional lawn service in your area, such as The Cutting Edge Lawn and Landscaping LLC .


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landscaping techniques to solve property problems

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