landscaping techniques to solve property problems

landscaping techniques to solve property problems

Packaging Your Property -- A Guide To Landscaping A Rental House

Mitchell Ray

As a landlord, you want to keep your properties neat and attractive while not spending too much money or time on it. Proper landscaping and maintenance in your yard is one key way to accomplish both. Here's a handy guide to designing the right yard for any rental.

Hire a Service. There are basically two ways to go with yard maintenance: do it yourself to ensure the yard is kept up, or add it to the lease agreement and rely on renters to maintain the yard. The former is a better way to ensure a good result while the latter is cheaper. If you don't live nearby or you have little time to spend on the property, it's probably best to hire a landscaper to regularly mow, weed, fertilize and prune. Even if you don't hire a regular service, consider hiring a professional to do a thorough clean-up and preparation at least once per year.

Think Curb Appeal. To attract new renters, first impressions are everything. Give the front yard a makeover that hides flaws and adds color. Use fresh mulch or bark to cover bare spots and create attractive bases for trees or shrubs. Plant some shrubs along the front of the house to reduce the starkness of the home's exterior. Annuals are a good choice for flower beds since they come back on their own each year. If you don't want to maintain flower beds, add some colorful potted flowers around the porch or entrance of the home.

Keep it Low Maintenance. Your landscaper can help you locate and add plants that will require less work, water and attention. Look for local plants and annuals, which tend to thrive better in their home climate without as much work. Ground covers are another good choice -- especially to replace some lawn area -- due to needing less maintenance. Adding a shade tree or two in the yard if your property is in a warm climate will help keep grass healthy. 

Include Outdoor Entertainment. Offering renters some designated space to enjoy the yard with their friends and family will help protect the rest of the yard from being overused. Provide a large, clean patio -- preferably covered -- for entertaining. One or two raised garden beds can also be a good way to attract healthy-minded renters both young and older. A front porch with two chairs or a swing is another good way to appeal to renters from the beginning. 

For the best result, work with a qualified professional landscaper to get your rental yard set up. By knowing what key factors to focus on -- less maintenance, regular care and designated outdoor spaces -- you can complement your rental home with a beautiful and easy yard. 


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landscaping techniques to solve property problems

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