landscaping techniques to solve property problems

landscaping techniques to solve property problems

How To Create A Barrier Around Your Garden With Railroad Ties

Mitchell Ray

When you have taken the time to plant a garden and build a fence around it, the last thing you want is for your dog to easily be able to dig under the fence and get into your garden to eat the delicious plants that you are growing. You can keep your pooch out of your garden by lining the outside of the garden with wooden railroad ties. Use the guide below to learn how to use the ties to create a barrier around your garden. 

Measure Around the Garden Fence

The first thing you will want to do is to measure around your garden fence. You need to know how many railroad ties to get and measuring around the fence allows you to determine how much area you need to surround with the ties. 

Purchase the Railroad Ties and Long Stakes

Next, you need to go to a lumber retailer and purchase the railroad ties. Determine how long each railroad tie is and then divide that number into the number of feet you determined were around the perimeter of the garden. This allows you to know how many ties it will take to surround the garden. Once you have determined how many ties you need to surround the garden, double the number because you will be creating a barrier around the garden that consists of two ties stacked on top of one another. Purchase stakes to go through the ties to keep them in place once they are stacked, as well. You will need two stakes for each set of ties you purchase. 

Dig a Trench Around the Garden Fence

After you have your railroad ties and the stakes, you will be ready to dig around the garden. You want to dig a trench around the garden that is deep enough for a railroad tie to fit into. Digging a trench around the garden and placing a tie into it will ensure that your dog cannot simply dig under one railroad tie and then get into your garden. By burying a tie, the dog will become discouraged from digging because they will not be able to tell how deep the ties go. 

Place the Ties in the Trench

Next, you need to place one set of the ties into the trench that you just dug. Be sure that the ties are as even as they can be and that there are no gaps between them. You may need to use a chainsaw to trim the ties to the length that you need them to be. Drill holes into the ties with a large drill bit from the top of the ties toward the ground. You want to wait to drill the holes until after you place the ties to ensure that you place the holes near the ends of the ties, so that the stakes can be driven through them to hold them in place. 

Stack the Next Set of Railroad Ties

After the first set of ties are in place, lay the set of ties that will stack on top of them next to ones that are in the ground. Use the chainsaw to trim the ties to the exact length of the set of ties that are in the ground. Use the drill to drill holes in the exact same location as you drilled holes in the ties that are in the trench. Stack the second set of ties onto the first set of ties and stick a stake through the holes that you drilled. Use a sledgehammer to drive the stakes into the ground so that the ties cannot fall off one another. 

Once everything is said and done, your dog will not be able to get into your garden. It will be secure so that you can reap the benefits of your hard work without worrying about your pooch getting to them first. Contact lumber companies in your are for more information.


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