landscaping techniques to solve property problems

landscaping techniques to solve property problems

Add A Touch Of Privacy To Your Front Yard

Mitchell Ray

Depending on how your house sits on the lot, you may have more usable space in your front yard than in the back. Even if you have an ample backyard, perhaps you'd like to make use of the area in front of your house. Likely, though, it feels as if you're on display to passersby. Adding too much privacy can make you seem closed off. Add just a touch of seclusion to your front yard to make the space part of your outdoor living.

Plant a Living Wall

If you want to create seclusion in a corner of your yard, the Landscaping Network suggests planting a living wall. A full wall can create that closed off effect, but a well-placed wall can shield a corner of your yard from view. Hostas and elephant ears are leafy, exotic plants that can provide a foundation for your living wall. Consider adding color and texture with begonia, Japanese iris and hoya, all of which thrive in vertical planting systems.

Erect a Trellis

A trellis can provide the same kind of privacy without the full seclusion. You could have the trellis built into an existing fence and train climber up the slats. Clematis, morning glory and passion flower are delicate plants that provide just a little privacy. Jasmine and roses provide more coverage, while golden hops and ivy provide the most. A trellis makes a pretty shield for a front your lounge spot.

Plant a Flowering Bush

A covert method of securing privacy is with a well-placed bush or two. Such shrubbery can provide beauty to your front yard while still shielding part of it from view. Showy options such as bougainvillea and rhododendron are a good place to start. You could also opt for more subtle bushes, such as butterfly bush or lilac. Before committing to a shrub, decide where you'd like the privacy. Additionally, consider how to integrate the bush with the rest of your landscaping, for example by planting complementary flowers or including garden sculptures.

Install a Water Fountain

In that vein, installing a water fountain is another method for promoting a sense of seclusion in your front yard. A fountain doesn't necessarily shield your from view. However, it can mask both the street sounds and your own conversations with its water music. Placement of the water fountain is key. Select a spot that allows the water music to mask sounds while still keeping the installation visible from the yard and street.

Transform your front yard into usable living space by adding layers of privacy with the landscaping. To learn more, contact a landscaping contractor. 


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landscaping techniques to solve property problems

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