landscaping techniques to solve property problems

landscaping techniques to solve property problems

5 Ways To Create A Cool Yard Even In The Winter

Mitchell Ray

Most homeowners and gardeners don't think much about landscaping in the winter. Whether you live in a cold, rainy winter climate or endure a snow-filled season, there are limited options when it comes to how to plant for the winter. Fortunately, that doesn't mean there is nothing you can do to spruce up your winter yard. Here are 5 suggestions for any yard and any budget. 

Plant Colorful Evergreens. Evergreens can provide color in a barren yard, so use them in your overall landscape design. When planting, think about how the yard will look when flowers and shrubs die back and overhead deciduous trees lose their leaves. Fill potential barren spots with different trees and shrubs in the evergreen family. In addition, look for evergreens that actually have a variety of colors -- such as the frosty dwarf blue spruce or Gold Thread false cypress.

Add Fruit or Flowers. Trees or bushes with winter fruit (like crabapples or holly bushes) also add pops of color and interest in a snow-covered yard. A few plants -- including camellias and hellebores -- can also provide hearty flowers in the off season. If you live in a cold but not frozen region, you can plant colorful but sturdy flowers like pansies, snapdragon or some daisies. 

Add Fire. Create a retreat for winter that incorporates fire to brighten up a cold yard. That fiery centerpiece could be a fire table perfect for outdoor dining, a large fire basin, an outdoor fireplace or just a simple portable gas fire pit. Look for a covered or somewhat protected spot in the yard or spend some time redecorating your patio to incorporate fire. 

Use Colorful Hardscaping. Paint and colorful materials in your hardscape can make up for a lack of color in the landscape. Paint the fence or outdoor furniture a bold, fun color. Decorate your covered patio or deck with bright or patterned pillows and a throw rug to warm up the space. 

Lighten It Up. When the days get shorter and the sun isn't as warm and inviting, add some of your own light to encourage outdoor use. Add hanging lights like candles and lanterns around entertaining spaces and use pathway lighting to add ambiance. Focus lighting to complement and highlight the added winter focal points of your yard. Combine added lighting with outdoor heaters or a fire pit to create a haven in the snow. 

If you're still unsure how to plan for winter landscaping, it might be beneficial to work with a qualified landscaping service to get you started. But whether you do it alone or with help, by focusing on how you can add color and warmth when landscaping your yard, you can create a beautiful retreat for all seasons. 


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landscaping techniques to solve property problems

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