landscaping techniques to solve property problems

landscaping techniques to solve property problems

Potential Considerations When Deciding Whether To Hire A Lawn Mowing Service

Mitchell Ray

Owning a home often means having a yard to take care of. Nobody wants to be that one homeowner on the block with the awful-looking yard. This typically means making a decision as to whether to do all the yard work yourself or hire somebody else to do it. Taking a few things into consideration can help homeowners make the best choice given their situation.


Doing the lawn yourself requires purchasing all of the necessary equipment, which can cost about $400 to $500 by one estimate. Don't forget there's more involved than just a mower, you may also need things like fertilizer and a leaf blower (or at the very least a rake and some bags). Of course, the exact costs will depend on the type of mower chosen. A push mower will be a lot less expensive than a ride-on lawn tractor, with a push mower typically costing at least $159, a self-propelled mower costing anywhere from $250 to $500 and a riding mower costing $1,000 or more. Hiring a lawn mowing service that does mowing, edging, removing debris and blowing cuttings off the driveways and walks usually costs somewhere between $35 to $50 per mowing occasion, with the application of fertilizer typically costing a few dollars more when necessary.

Storage Space

Cost shouldn't be the only factor considered. Think also about whether you have a place to store all the necessary equipment. Some people have only a small garage or no garage at all, making it necessary to build a shed to store equipment if they do all their yard work themselves. Even those that do have some storage space may prefer to use it for other purposes than storing lawn mowing equipment.

Skill Level

Professionals have greater skills at taking care of yards, making it possible for them to do a better job and keep the yard looking nicer in a shorter amount of time than it would take the typical homeowner. Cutting the lawn too often or too short or using too much fertilizer can result in a brown, unhealthy lawn, so those who don't know a lot about lawn care may be better off hiring a service.

Value of Your Time

Consider how much time it takes to do the yard work on your own. Do you have other, better ways to spend this time? Some people calculate the value of their time by how much they get paid per hour and hire someone if it costs less than this, but this is often only a valid comparison if you'll actually be doing work during this saved time. Still, if the whole weekend gets taken up with yard work, that doesn't leave much time for relaxing or spending quality time with the family. This may not matter as much to people who enjoy mowing the lawn, but otherwise, it may be better from a quality of life standpoint to hire a lawn mowing service. Some of these same companies will also offer a tree trimming service, making it possible to free up even more time.

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